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Evergreen LTD's Fresh Look & Better Hooks

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Evergreen Lawn Services owner Aaron Cull and Chris from bizfront have been working together since 2017, when Aaron was referred to bizfront by a mutual friend.

Aaron had become frustrated by a lack of response from his previous website designer, and was having trouble making updates to his website because of a rigid structure and a complicated back end. Aaron wanted a site that reflected the quality of his company's services and results, and wasn't sure why his website wasn't generating any leads.

When Chris and Aaron got together, it was clear Aaron had been taken for a ride by the website company he was working with. They had promised Aaron to be #1 on Google for his search terms, but they provided almost no guidance on what search terms were most important. Not only was Evergreen Lawn Services not returning on Google for those search terms, the site was not being reached by anyone, and there was absolutely no return on Aaron's investment.

Chris initially was going to assist Aaron with a diagnostic on his website, but after taking a look at the back end, it was clear it was a disaster that had to be re-done. Chris and Aaron worked together on a website that respected Aaron's current brand, and created a deep content strategy that would highlight Aaron's services to any visitors. The website was designed with a modern layout that was easy to navigate by customers, but more importantly, it was properly optimized for Google and it started bringing in leads!

"Their vision is to see success and results for your business! The annual improvement in my number of customers has quadrupled. I couldn’t be happier with bizfront's services and the number of clients I am able to reach! - Aaron Cull, Owner, Evergreen Ltd

Recently, Aaron started thinking about how to pour more fuel on the fire so he could attract more customers. We worked with Aaron to develop a plan for a newly developed back-end structure that would allow us to create a depth of content that Google would love. At this point Aaron had also expressed an interest in modernizing his brand, and came to the conclusion that while we were "under the hood" of his website, we might as well give him a fresh logo and design.

The results are a bold and beautiful website that instantly shows customers what Evergreen Ltd does - tree, gardening, lawn, and more services. The real gem is the back end of the website, boasting over 30 services that all have their own optimized landing pages so Evergreen Ltd can return on Google for every one of it's professional landscaping services.

On top of developing a website, bizfront has provided Aaron with Marketing and Business Consulting services, Business Card Design and Printing, Signage for his truck, and website and marketing services for some of Aaron's referrals.

Aaron's work with bizfront has generated hundreds of leads for his landscaping business in just a few years, providing him with ample opportunity to connect with the customers who need him. Are you ready to put bizfront's proven marketing formula to work? Contact us for a free up-front quote, we'll talk to you about what you need and your goals and work to put together a plan to get you there.

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