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Sparking Success: Vanguard Cleaning Soars with Bizfront!

Updated: Mar 9

Vanguard Cleaning Soars

In today's competitive business landscape, effective digital advertising and lead generation are vital for companies looking to thrive. Vanguard Cleaning Systems® of Alberta, a respected cleaning services provider, was facing a daunting challenge. Despite investing heavily in digital advertising, their investment was not working and they were struggling to attract new prospective clients. Frustrated with their lack of results, they turned to Bizfront, a dynamic marketing agency known for its expertise in driving business growth.

The Challenge:

Vanguard Cleaning Systems® of Alberta had already experimented with various strategies, such as outsourcing their digital advertising and hiring cold-callers. However, they encountered limited success, failing to achieve a profitable return on investment. Their high cost per click was unsustainable, and their campaigns were not performing as expected. Vanguard Cleaning Systems® of Alberta knew they needed a fresh perspective and an innovative solution to turn their situation around.

Bizfront's Approach:

Referred by another satisfied client, Vanguard Cleaning Systems® of Alberta discovered us, Bizfront, a marketing agency renowned for our energetic approach to achieving results. Recognizing the client's prior efforts, we conducted a thorough review of their advertising strategy and deployment. We identified critical gaps and pinpointed the reasons behind the high cost per click and underperformance of the campaign.

Solution 1: Cost Optimization:

We identified opportunities to optimize Vanguard Cleaning Systems® of Alberta's SEM (Search Engine Marketing) advertising costs. By reevaluating their targeting, keywords, and ad copy, we successfully reduced the average cost per click by an impressive 80%. This optimization not only helped our client save valuable resources but also paved the way for more effective lead generation.

Solution 2: Compelling Website Design:

Recognizing the need for a powerful online presence, we designed a bespoke, customer-centric landing page website for Vanguard Cleaning Systems® of Alberta, addressing one of the key elements holding back their success. Our goal was to create a website that would effectively convert visitors into potential customers. The result was a stunning showcase of Vanguard Cleaning Systems® of Alberta's unique values, sparkling reputation, numerous customer reviews, and highlighted key clients and industry partnerships. This carefully crafted website instilled trust and confidence in prospective partners, setting the stage for success.

The Result:

Thanks to our holistic approach at Bizfront, Vanguard Cleaning Systems® of Alberta experienced a remarkable transformation in their lead generation efforts. Our end-to-end advertising and conversion system attracted highly qualified prospects, captivating them with Vanguard Cleaning Systems® of Alberta's value proposition. The incorporation of social proof and compelling calls-to-action on the custom landing page further fueled engagement and led to an increase in partner exploration.

The Outcome:

Since partnering with Bizfront, Vanguard Cleaning Systems® of Alberta has experienced a tremendous surge in leads. The optimized advertising strategy and conversion-focused website generated over 1100% more leads, providing the company with an abundance of opportunities for growth and expansion.

I very highly recommend this company if you are looking to attract prospects to your business and increase their interest. The level of knowledge and expertise exuded is truly impressive and they also have a knack for thinking outside the box with fresh ideas and creative content. Chris has most certainly helped us favorably position our company in a very competitive market. - Jon Lillow


With our creative and strategic approach, Bizfront empowered Vanguard Cleaning Systems® of Alberta to overcome their digital advertising challenges, turning a struggling campaign into a thriving lead generation machine. By addressing the high costs and ineffective website design, we enabled Vanguard Cleaning Systems® of Alberta to attract qualified prospects, build confidence, and foster engagement. The remarkable results achieved—over 1100% more leads—underscore our commitment to driving business success through innovative marketing strategies. Ready to transform your business like Vanguard Cleaning Systems® of Alberta? Don't miss out on the opportunity to increase your leads and maximize your digital advertising ROI. Contact Bizfront today for cutting-edge website design, powerful digital advertising solutions, and unrivaled expertise in driving business growth. Let's unlock your business's true potential together! Reach out now and take the first step towards success. Call 403-681-9863 or email us at

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