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Westbow Systems Website Re-Design Pays Off

When Mickey Mitchell, President of Westbow Systems, met with bizfront for a diagnostic on their website, Mickey was concerned about two things: how to update his website, and why it wasn't displaying properly on mobile devices. We sat together at Analog Coffee in Mahogany, south Calgary, and started looking into his concerns.

It became clear why Mickey was experiencing frustration, the previous designer had not offered any training on how to use the back-end of the website, and had failed to make the design responsive for all devices. While Mickey is undisputedly a master of his craft - a storage and shelving plan wiz - it was frustrating for him to try to navigate the complexity of his website, let alone be able to turn it into a responsive design.

As we went over the Westbow Systems website together, we began to ask more questions, for example, how many leads had the website been producing? To our disappointment, not only was the website too difficult to manage and not designed for smart phones, it was 100% lacking in any search engine optimization. It would be a miracle to find it on Google.

Mickey had three needs: A website that was easy to update, was well designed for all devices, and could be found on Google. Unfortunately, the previous designer had not paid attention to Mickey's needs, and while Mickey had made an effort to continue his work with the previous designer, they became unresponsive.

We created a plan for Mickey, and an important component was to keep much of the website's current aesthetic. We got to work on the back-end of the website, but it was a cumbersome situation, as the previous designer had installed many conflicting plugins (think of plugins like little programs running on the website). It became apparent that it would simply be more cost effective to use inspiration from the initial design, but re-build the Westbow Systems website on a new platform.

"Not all websites are created equal. Before (meeting) Chris, we had a glorified online brochure of a website that no one could find on google. Since no one could find it, it wasn’t doing what it was suppose to - generating qualified leads. bizfront changed that; maintaining the style and image of our existing website, Chris gutted the inner workings and behind the scenes to make the website work for us and generate qualified leads. There is no one better in YYC to build and maintain your website. He stands by his word, builds beautiful sites, and understands/executes powerful marketing that will actually grow your business." -Mickey Mitchell, President, Westbow Systems

We got to work re-designing the Westbow Systems website to include the foundational on-site search engine optimization that would allow it to return on Google. We built the website on a platform that Mickey was more familiar with, that he could log in and work on if he wanted. The content management system has what's called "Wysiwyg" functionality - meaning "What you see is what you get". It allows simple design actions like clicking on text to edit it, and clicking and dragging graphics to where they should be - it's similar to designing a PowerPoint presentation. What's more, we optimized the site to return on Google for key search terms and markets, and it shows in the #1 spot, and #1 page on Google for those terms! Westbow Systems' website has proven successful in connecting customers with Mickey, and offering Westbow Systems the opportunity to work with new partners who may never have found them had he not taken action on his site. If your website isn't responsive, doesn't show on Google, is hard to navigate, or just isn't producing customers, give us a call. We offer a free diagnostic session and an up-front quote. We want every website we develop to perform and bring in new customer opportunities for our partners.

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